After announcing it last week, DraftKings Pick’Em contests are now live and available to play in a few sports, including fantasy football.


What is DraftKings Pick’Em?

Instead of using a salary cap to pick your team, the Pick’Em option groups players into different tiers, simplifying your selection process and making it quicker and easier to enter a tournament.

At the start, it will be available for 3 sports, football, baseball, and soccer:

  • NFL: Eight tiers of approximately eight players each
  • MLB: Eight tiers of approximately eight players each
  • Soccer: Six tiers of approximately ten players each

When you enter a DraftKings Pick’Em contest, you simply pick one player from each tier in order to build your team. When the games go live, you want to score the highest fantasy football points, just like any other DraftKings entry.


DraftKings Pick’Em Tips

Because you have to stay within the constraints of your tiers, you need to worry less about sleeper potential and finding under-the-radar players to pick.

All players in the same tier are projected to score similar to each other, so looking at the matchup and who your player is up against on the opposite side of the field becomes more important.

Stacking players from the same team (QB + WR) is no longer a given, so if you see this matchup available as your are picking through your tiers, give extra consideration because others may not be.


To play in DraftKings Pick’Em leagues, simply select “Pick’Em” instead of “Classic” when you open up the NFL category on DraftKings.

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