Check out the top salary DraftKings & Fanduel DST Players to pick the best possible fantasy football Defences all throughout the 2017 season. Find out which top Defence is the best value during week 1 of the NFL season and which you should fade. Keep track of changing rankings throughout the season so that you are always up to date.

Picking a defence often comes down to weekly matchups and who’s playing who. Some defences will find the top spot all season long but that doesn’t mean you should immediately pay a premium to play them. Let us find you value at the defence position because this will give you salary to spend in other places.

Each week, we post the top 10 DraftKings & Fanduel DST teams in terms of cost and let us recommend to you which ones have a good matchup and provide value in order to help you win your Fanduel leagues.

Updated for Week 1 of NFL Fantasy Football:

Check out the top fantasy football Defences for week 1 of the NFL season:

DraftKings - Top DST



FanDuel - Top DEF



Fantasy Football Defences Week 1 Notes

  • DraftKings tends to rank matchup-friendly Defences higher than FanDuel. That means that Buffalo, Jacksonville, and Tampa Bay who have juicier week 1 matchups are worth more salary. Look to these teams in FanDuel for good value.
  • On the FanDuel side, Carolina and Atlanta carry higher salary premiums, so check these teams out in DraftKings.
  • Defences who play against Cleveland, New York Jets, and Jacksonville should clean up in Fantasy points throughout 2017. In week 1, that means Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and Houston make safe bets.
  • Cincinnati has been criticized for bad offensive line play, which should give the Baltimore Defence the chance at a few sacks if Andy Dalton isn’t careful. Consider Baltimore a sneaky play for week 1.
  • Notably missing from the top fantasy football Defences list: the Denver Broncos, who are being drafted as the first DST off the board in many fantasy leagues. Check them out Monday Night verses San Diego for some decent value.
  • Also missing: the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks draw Aaron Rodgers week one, so look away from them until next week.


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