My Solitary Story Article

My Single Story

MCACDAC, Jarrel Benedict A.


The Paradox of Understanding the Confusing

Stereotyping based on the lifestyle of a man or woman, a group, or maybe a race, is not fresh to most of us in the academe. Many of us are aware of the reasons why these stereotypes arise associated with the significance that may arise from these kinds of. Most, in the event that not all, individuals have at some time in our lives gave or perhaps made stereotypes—or in Chimamanda Adichie's words and phrases, a single story—against other people. During my case, I made an individual story regarding the Muslims of Mindanao. I was brought up in an environment of important and conservative Christian theories and methods. I was accustomed to believing which the Christian hope is the " right” beliefs and that other faiths were simply distinct and unorthodox. Though I used to be taught to respect other's beliefs, I discovered it hard to understand the reason why various other religions needed to exist in the event that Christianity was the way to salvation and eternal life. I many particularly inhibited the reason why Muslims exist in a country where Christianity is definitely the faith of majority of the individuals, which leads me personally to another bias and solitary story We had—my belief that Muslims were not really Filipinos. Likewise, the rigorous media insurance coverage of the Abu Sayaff kidnappings and the MILF and MNLF movements helped me think that the Muslims of Mindanao experienced nothing very good to do to get the Philippines. I started to think of them as callous human beings while using souls of demons who the spirit to ruin lives and disturb the harmony among peaceful individuals. I had always viewed all of them as terrorists and criminals who would whatever it takes just to help to make their trigger seen by the government. It never had me that they can might have been doing all those unspeakable things as a result of thing that they have so long imagined and fought for—freedom. Once i learned about this, I started to understand the reasons why they had to resort to these kinds of violent means. However , seeing that my perspective of them was tainted by the past...